SteadWay has built up a reputation for delivering quality services, which comprehensively satisfy and exceed our clients’ targets. We bring tried and tested procedures and also combine these with new and innovative solutions where appropriate. We aim to be flexible to the changing requirements of a project and above all, we strive to continually improve the quality of our services. We pride ourselves in our identification with a client. We select people who will take full ownership of a project and we seek to exceed the client’s expectations of what they expect in a Project and Cost Manager.


We are very clear that a team must work collaboratively to successfully achieve project objectives. We move away from the adversarial nature of traditional construction and towards an atmosphere in which project participants work together in seeking a successful outcome for the project.

Client Relationships

We place a very high value on continuing relationships with clients and are fully committed to providing the most appropriate resources for the delivery of the projects we are involved in. Continuation and development of key relationships is at the heart of our business.

Performance Reviews

We carry out regular reviews with our clients to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of service. Any issues raised are addressed and fed down through our team. We strive to continually fine tune and improve our quality of service.

Quality Control

SteadWay ensure that there is a common understanding from all project participants on the quality standards expected by the client. We consider proposals from the design team as well as contractors of how to consistently deliver an enhanced quality product every time.