• November 2021Liam Ganner promoted to Associate Director

    Liam Ganner becomes an Associate Director of SteadWay.
  • February 2021Linn Sonder promoted to Associate Director

    Linn Sonder becomes an Associate Director of SteadWay.
  • January 2021Managerial changes at SteadWay

    David Lees assumes the position of CEO at SteadWay and Paul Ndi is promoted to Managing Director of the business.
  • November 2020SteadWay office expansion

    SteadWay takes additional office space in the existing building to bring the total occupied floor area to over 500 m².
  • July 2019Marcel Gallinge promoted to Director

    Marcel Gallinge becomes the third full Director of SteadWay.
  • June 2016SteadWay relocates Berlin office

    SteadWay moves to a new office in the heart of Berlin due to continued growth of the business.
  • February 2016Rebranding as SteadWay

    Gardiner & Theobald GmbH rebrands as SteadWay GmbH.
  • October 2015Paul Ndi joins G&T Berlin

    Paul Ndi appointed a Director of Gardiner & Theobald GmbH.
  • April 2015Local acquisition of G&T Berlin office

    Gardiner & Theobald's German business is acquired by the local management and becomes an independent consultancy.
  • September 2013Business management in local hands

    David Lees appointed Managing Director of Gardiner & Theobald GmbH and acts as G&T Country Manager for Germany and Switzerland.
  • January 2006G&T office is established in Germany

    Gardiner & Theobald sets up a permanent office in Berlin as a result of increasing workload and future opportunities throughout the country.
  • mid-1990sG&T begins work in German-speaking countries

    Gardiner & Theobald commences work on projects in Germany and Switzerland.